The Unconventional Approach to Email Marketing by Len Markidan

The Unconventional Approach to Email Marketing

Forget about "best practices." Here's what actually works.


The Unconventional Approach To Email Marketing is an hour-long workshop that challenges what you’ve heard about growing your business with email. 

We’ll cover real-world strategies — developed from sending and analyzing more than 1 million marketing emails — that you can start using right away to get more customers. 

You’ll learn how top marketers write irresistible subject lines, the ins and outs of crafting email content that gets people to buy, and how to virtually guarantee that your email campaigns will achieve the results you want, well before you ever click “send.”

By the end of this workshop, you'll know how to:

  • Create email marketing campaigns that solve deep burning pains for your subscribers (and in doing so, build trust, loyalty and a desire to buy).
  • Write subject lines that customers and prospects can’t help but click on.
  • Build automated systems that do the hard work of email marketing for you… even while you sleep.
  • Run tests to determine the most effective email marketing strategies for your specific audience.

This is a recording of workshop that I taught at Betamore.

What's included?

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The Unconventional Approach To Email Marketing
53 mins

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I'm a marketer who has been fortunate to get to work with some incredible companies to help them tell their stories and connect with their markets.

Previously, I ran marketing at Groove for 5 years. Past clients have included Prudential,, Chegg, Healthline and Groupon.

And now, as CMO of Podia, my mission is to help creators sell their work online 💰💰💰

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