Building a Pricing Model that Sells by Len Markidan

Building a Pricing Model that Sells

Stop picking your prices out of thin air.


How To Build A Pricing Model That Sells is an hour-long workshop that teaches you to apply sophisticated pricing principles that will help you convert more prospects and grow your business. 

While most startups pick a price out of thin air based on what they think customers will pay — or worse, they ask their customers what they’d be willing to pay — this workshop will ensure that you won’t make the same mistake. 

We’ll draw from research in behavioral psychology and persuasion studies to understand what your pricing says about your product and your business, and how you can leverage that knowledge to get more people to buy. We’ll also look at real-world case studies from top companies in SaaS, eCommerce and retail to see these powerful insights in practice.

By the end of the workshop, you'll be able to:

  • Do research — the right way — to determine an appropriate starting point for pricing your product.
  • Test your pricing to optimize for revenue.
  • Use upsells, cross-sells and downsells to bring in more revenue for each customer.
  • Implement other “multiplier” tactics for your pricing page that could immediately increase conversions.

This is a recording of workshop that I taught at Betamore.

What's included?

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